The Pulaski County Department of Social Services is one of 121 local agencies located throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia who provide human services and temporary economic assistance to their citizens.



The mission of Pulaski County Department of Social Services is to promote self-sufficiency and a safe, stable environment for children, adults, and families in Pulaski County.



Our vision is to provide the highest quality services possible to Pulaski County citizens. We are passionate in our desire to promote healthy and self-sufficient families so that Pulaski County will be a safe and nurturing environment for all families and individuals, a place where people will feel secure and have a sense of pride in their accomplishments, a place where they can leave a legacy of self-reliance and good will.

Our vision is for a positive organizational climate where creative thinking will be encouraged and rewarded, where we will develop creative solutions for community issues and actively participate in the work that is entailed in bringing the solutions to realization. We strive to be a positive presence in the community, to be a place where individuals will not hesitate to seek out services and be favorably involved with the general public, taxpayers, and government officials.

Our vision is to always be searching for quality resources and newer, smarter, more efficient ways of doing business in order to enhance our work environment, our service delivery system, and enable us to achieve our vision.

Our vision is to provide quality, inspiring, informed leadership that is honest, open, fair, and respectful so that we and those we work with are motivated to perform to their greatest potential and adhere to the highest standards. Our vision is of an office climate that is professional, rewarding, stimulating, and supportive, a place that promotes learning for everyone and a place in which we will be proud to work.

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